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Silver Jubilee in Burundi

Silver Jubilee in Burundi

On the 4th May, our sister Christine Ntibarutaye  celebrated her silver jubilee (25 years of religious life) and her 50th birthday. 
Ngozi Community joined with the Bujumbura community and our sisters Pascazia Kinkuhaire, Caritas Ntibarutaye, Adeodata Ahimbisibwe , Anastazia Asiimwe, Leonidas Komugisha. Gloriose Afashimana, a postulant from Burundi came back from Uganda to join us.  Annonciata Atwine was already with us visiting the 2 communities. 



The very beautiful liturgical celebration took place in the Cathedral of

ProcessionRegina Mundi in Bujumbura which was beautifully decorated by the Bene Mukama. Sr. Odile Ntakirutimana, from the Bujumbura community  was MC. The thanksgiving mass was celebrated by the Archbishop of Bujumbura, Monseigneur Evariste Ngoyagoye along with several priests including Fr. Noël Ntibarutaye.  The Gospel was carried in procession to the altar, following  the Gospel DanceUgandan custom, preceded by 4 dancers : 2 Ugandan postulants who are on placement in Ngozi to learn French, Catherine Nyamata and Anastazie Nimusiima, and 2 of our Burundi Temporary Professed sisters, Bélise Niyongere and Faustine Niyonzima.

After the homily we all joined Christine in renewing our vows
 Renewal of VowsFrom left to right: Patricia (Ngozi), Faustine (Ngozi), Annonciata (Kampala), Anastasie (Mbarara), Eléonore (Bujumbura), Agnès (Ngozi), Leonidas (Coloma, Ouganda), Pascazia (Kampala), Christine, la jubilaire (Bujumbura), Michelle (Ngozi), Alice (Ngozi - Bujumbura), Caritas (Ibanda), Adeodata (Mbarara ), Bélise (Ngozi).
After Communion said her own prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord.  At the end of mass it was wonderful to  her brothers and sisters dancing with her in front of the choir.
Afterwards, Sr. Christines big family, our Associates, friends and DMJ sisters gathered for a celebratory meal  in one of the beautiful parish rooms of the Cathedral. Between the speeches, Bélise, Faustine, Catherine and Anastazie - who quickly learnt the Burundi dances- brightened the reception with beautiful dances in honour of the Christine and Michellejubilarian. Then came the turn of the blind people, who Christine looks after.  They sang to the sound of the guitar which was well received.
The beautiful day ended  with the family at our community in Boulevard du 28 Novembre. 
We were united with our sisters in Belgium who celebrated their jubilees on the same day: Madeleine, Françoise, Agnès Claessens and Margareta






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