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Memorial Mass 15th Feb 2014

A memorial mass was held on 15th February 2014 here in Rome in the Chapel of the Marie Repararix sisters.  It was attended by over 100 people; leaders of religious congregations and friends of Kate who live in Rome. It was a beautiful remembrance of Kate.  To read the tribute given by Sr. Josie please click here.


Sr Kate Creedon RIP 

Please Pray for Sr. Kate Creedon dmj, Our Superior General, who died suddenly in Uganda on 4th December 2013.

May she rest in Peace 

To read a tribute to Kate given by Sr. Helen Lane at the Requiem Mass and other prayers and tributes Click here.

Highlights of 2012

Focal pointAs we lived our ministry of leadership in 2012 we can say it was an experience of walking on holy ground and we are deeply grateful.

Our first major meetings of the year were held with our bursars, financial advisors (GFC) and representatives of the leadership teams (EGC) in the congregation. The theme of our meetings was ‘Growing together in communion'. GFC membersWe recommitted ourselves to continue working towards greater transparency and accountability in the management of all our resources. We also renewed our commitment to furthering communion among ourselves and with the larger universe. EGC members




  We were blessed to have been able to share in the lives and ministries of many of our sisters.

We have visited and participated in various meetings and celebrations in Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Belgium, California, Canada, England and Ireland.
It was a special privilege to be present at the Golden Jubilee of Mary Hill High School in Uganda.Lucy Sagal and Sponsored Pupils

GT and Clos Community Belgium

Jubilee celebrations

To conclude our year participation in an icon workshop facilitated by Annette was gift and grace.

Icon workshop




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Josie and Kate visit Brasil

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